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Induction Bending Mechanism
When the electric power is supplied from the high frequency generator to a heating coil surrounding the pipe, a narrow circumferential band around the pipe is heated inductively.


As the appropriate bending temperature is reached, the pipe is mechanically driven through the heating coil and immediately cooled by water or air depending on the kind of materials, while the pipe bending is taking place moving through the heated zone.


The pipe end is clamped at a predetermined distance from the arm post center, which is equal to the radius of curvature,the bending takes place at the tangent point encircled by the heat ring, thus the pipe is bent continuously at a predetermined point with the specified bending radius and angle settings.

Table of Long Bend Radius

9 8,9,10

Other sizes by request and Material Types such Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Etc.

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High Frequency Heat Induction Bending Machine.
Hines Model 630 Induction makes a bend while a tube is heated under an induction heating device. Its advantages over a regular cold bender is that it is capable of bending thin-wall tubes and making quality bends without the need of a complete set of dies. As a result, it’s 1/3 to 1/2 of the size of a cold bender both in floor space and price. It is applicable in shipbuilding, chemical, metallurgical, boiler and heavy machine-building industries and especially suitable for small lot productions.


The induction current flowing through the electric heating ring actuates the area of the tube with a whirling current and in turn the temperature rises, forming a red ring. When it’s up to 800-1000°, the tube possesses the nature of plastic status. At the same time, a bending torque exerts to make a bend. At the same time, the pipe is also being pushes hydraulically, maintaining a very smooth bend during the process.


In order to cool down the ring and fix the bent part of the tube, there are many small holes are available on the peripheral of the heating ring for the cooling water to flow and spray onto the bent surfaces after flowing inside cavity of the ring. It is a continuous process until the end of the bending process

When the bend is larger than 90 degrees, the radius will be increased and can result in slight out of roundness of the bend curve. A slow speed can help improve this. Or a center pull rod can help positioning.


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